Jay Mendelson

Jay Mendelson

Mentor Advisor

Jay Mendelson is an Advisor and Mentor at TechX Foundry where he advises, leads engagements, and mentors early stage, seed and large corporate new ventures in the Tech Hardware and IoT areas. Jay is also the CTO of Eng x IP, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in the fields of engineering management, intellectual property and design engineering. Jay has more than 31 years of technology experience where he has lead three Technical organizations at the VP level in the process control and electrical products industries. His executive leadership roles followed his more hands-on management and design experience in the computer and semiconductor businesses. Jay has been leading engineering groups, for more than 23 of those years, in the hardware, firmware, software, mechanical, process, and quality disciplines. Jay is an industry expert in the design of transmitters, process controllers, pressure, thermal and flow sensors, valves, and electrical switches and connectors. He has been a leader in the implementation of smart sensors, touch screens, iOT software, diagnostic algorithms, and communication protocols into the design of process control equipment.

Jay has been part of the senior management team of industrial firms involved in mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs and IP legal cases. In 2007 he provided expert testimony and R&D Due Diligence during the sale of the Brooks Instrument division of Emerson Electric Inc. to a private equity firm, American Industrial Partners (AIP). As an executive of AIP, Jay managed technology due diligence during the 2009 AIP purchase of Celerity Inc., a manufacturer of specialized flow controllers for the semiconductor industry. He then oversaw the production startup of Celerity’s new products, leading a design kaizen event to insure manufacturability in a clean room environment. In 2010 Jay was the lead technical contact for an anticipatory patent lawsuit vs. MKS Instruments. The case settlement cleared a large legal hurdle for the sale of Brooks Instrument by AIP to Illinois Tool Works (ITW) in 2011. During that sale Jay was responsible for documenting the financial valuation of over one hundred patents, proving the link between the company’s IP portfolio and the main revenue and profit streams of the firm. Jay joined Omega Engineering Inc. in 2012, shortly after the acquisition of that firm by Spectris PLC in late 2011. AS VP Technology, Jay architected a rigorous stage-gate NPD process, replete with customer focused market research and metrics for project NRE, NPV, ROI, and new product sales. This NPD process launched a new series of thermal and pressure sensors, as well as a line of process controllers and smart phone apps for process measurement. Jay also performed technology and IP due diligence for potential acquisitions of firms selling thermal and flow instruments.

Jay has expertise navigating global product compliance and regulatory regimes. As VP Engineering at Cooper Wiring Devices from 200 – 2004 he oversaw the internal design and testing of electrical products to meet UL and CSA safety standards. At Brooks Instrument he focused on the design, test and certification of flow controllers for UL explosion proof and semiconductor leak-proof specs. At Omega Engineering he lea products through global wireless certifications for CE, IC, PSE, NOM, Anatel, and CCC. He also insured export compliance for US Commerce Dept. wireless encryption regulations.

Specialties: Engineering management; R&D; technology strategy, developing products with high intellectual property content; novelty, invalidity and patent infringement searches; sensor and electrical products detail design.