TechX WorkSpace

Office and Industrial Space Options

TechX WorkSpace gives you a unique opportunity to work in a facility where individuals and companies are innovating and developing hardware tech products. When joining TechX you not only have a place to work but you are joining a network of entrepreneurs, startups, small business owners, investors, and more who you can work around every day. We offer two forms of WorkSpace, Office and Industrial, you have access to different spaces to fit all types of working styles for individuals and organizations of all sizes:

TechX coworking space - workspaces, private office, conference rooms

WorkSpace Office:

  • Coworking – Shared workspaces in an open environment to promote collaboration.
  • Private Offices – You can still have access to our community and all our resources without sacrificing your own privacy.
  • Conference & meeting rooms – Whether you need to leave a lasting impression with a potential client or meet with your team our spaces will accommodate a variety of needs.

WorkSpace Industrial:

  • Industrial Parcels – Starting at 200 square feet and going up to 3,000 square feet or more.  You can start small and expand as you need.  We can accommodate special needs for Power, Venting, etc.  Have your own equipment, that we do not make available, no problem.
  • Storage Options – From pallets and cages to private locked parcels, we can accommodate most industrial storage and material needs.  Like our industrial parcels, we have flexible options for time frames and the ability to scale as you scale.