All the Technologies, People and Support in one place for you to research, prototype, make/manufacture and test whatever you want to build or repair

TechX FabLab

Membership gives you access to $Millions in equipment to design, prototype or make anything.

TechX Innovation Sciences

Bring your product to market with development and growth guidance.

TechX Academy

Learn and grow with classes and training in equipment, techniques and projects and enhance your career with certifications.

TechX WorkSpace

Coworking and private offices so you can get right to work.

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  • Advance your Career
  • Learn new skills
  • Invent new ideas and products
  • Channel purpose and creativity
  • Meet and work with like minded individuals

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  • Isolate new product teams
  • Minimize proto capex
  • Connect with others
  • Identify new talent
  • Increase customer interaction

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