“Hardware is the New Software”

Hardware is the New Software. Interview by Intel and Charles Araujo

Hardware is the New Software. Interview by Intel and Charles Araujo

There is a growing interest and momentum behind Tech Hardware startups compared with Software startups.  CB Insights has indicated that the growth rate of investments in Hardware companies is growing faster than the decline in software company investments by Angels, Institutional Investors and Crowdfunding.

The Hardware innovation is all about “Smart Hardware” that contains embedded software, various materials and cases in plastics, metals, carbons and even woods along with electronics and other technology for power, electronics and boards, RF and Wireless, among others.  With the ever-growing number of devices that are not only one-way anymore, but send information, and can receive commands and information back in order to make/take decisions and actions.  The IoT, Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, Telematics, Aerospace, and many other high growth markets are creating opportunities and new applications.

These solutions are also creating a huge impact on supply chains and IT infrastructure and will only rise in complexity over time.  If you consider the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) impact to be significant, wait until all of these new devices come online.  Get prepared for the new Smart Hardware.

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