TechX Fab LAb

TechX Fab Lab offers membership options to access and use the largest fabrication space with the most advanced technologies to conduct complete product lifecycle activity from design through prototyping, manufacturing, fulfillment, and repair.  Our intent is to not only provide lifecycle technologies, but also provide the technologies and tools needed to launch startups through marketing, media, and other signage capabilities.

We Provide Equipment and Support in Many Areas

  • Fabrication for woodworking, metalworking, plastic forming and molding
  • Electronics Lab for various technologies from electronics, electrical, mechanical
  • Additive Manufacturing – 3D Printing in many different materials, sizes, forms and colors
  • Tech Fashion, Jewelry, and Crafting
  • Robotics, Mechatronics, Animitronics, Drones and other Autonomous and Automated Equipment
  • Factory Automation and manufacturing monitoring and control

We provide our members with experienced foreman and machinists who lead courses and certification programs on using equipment but also assist our members to achieve their goals.

We guide our members through the use and application of equipment spanning many functional areas.

Our members will have access to millions of dollars of traditional and advanced capital equipment for just a daily, weekly, monthly or annual fee.

TechX Fab Lab Amenities

Along with the Fabrication Space for equipment, we provide our TechX Fab Lab members with additional areas to expand their activities such as:

  • Workbenches that accommodate up to 6 people around them, provide task lighting for assembly and power access for computers and other devices.
  • Storage Facilities – Whether a pallet, locker or dedicated colo space
  • Wi-Fi Access
  • Portable equipment such as soldering equipment, tool sets, assembly frames, vices, etc.
  • Shipping/Receiving – need an address or office location to ship and receive packages to and from? Let us be your shipping and receiving. We can help in you package design, assembly and fullfillment.
  • Truck and Shipping Options: Expecting large crates or packages, no problem. We will have drive-in and trailer height bays depending on your needs.
  • Working on autonomous vehicles and need to get them in and out