TechX Academy

Our training, education, and events program available at a discount to member of TechX Fab Lab or TechX Work Space and anyone else in our community. Our Training and Education classes will fall under five categories:

  • Equipment Certification, Safety and Facility Training: these include our basic Safety and Instruction course required of all TechX Fab Lab members along with courses that related to basic through expert uses of various equipment at our facility.
  • Application and Project Courses: Would you like to learn how to make things using one or more machines at TechX? These courses assist our members in the applications of equipment such as making metal or plastic containers/boxes for electronics, how to make furniture from different materials or creating action figures outside of your home or business using electronics, micro-controllers, animatronics, and other tech for Halloween, Xmas or other holidays…
  • Foundation Courses: will be offered to provide more industry, technology, scientific or market aspects and start conversations about the directions of markets, applications of new technologies and the potential and possible future scenarios of various industries that align with our domains listed above.
  • Certification Programs: Our offerings will be created to support the need of underemployed, unemployed and other career advancement goals. We will start with courses such as soldering and welding certificate programs and expand from there. Some courses will be taught directly by our own trained and certified instructors and supplemented by our strategic partners such as NJIT, Rutgers and others. In some cases, these certifications could also take the form of continuing education credits where available.
  • Events: we will be offering new events and services across a variety of industries, applications, technologies, and ecosystems. Events will be coming from TechX directly or in partnership with our corporate members, to solve their problems, the problems of their customers’, or to create new application ideas as a start. We will also be host to other organizations and Meetups as a preferred facility and look towards our members and others to set the programs and content for these.
  • Competitions and HW Hackathons: will be featured with an emphasis on tech hardware initially.   Where traditional software hackathons typically occur in a single weekend (where pariticipants don’t get sleep), we will hold programs that will include hardware solutions that may take a couple weekends of time over a 4 week period. These extended programs will enable projects that require atoms and not just bits to move and will accommodate the physical structures that may be needed. Competitions will also be held to provide prizes and compensation for the best projects that are brought forth and judged to be winners.
  • Lunch & Learns: for our members, and occasionally opened to the public, we anticipate having lunch and learn programs from the members, helping the members, or outside experts helping the attendees during their lunch hours to spur thinking, innovation, ideation, and opportunity level thinking for all…


Our Academy will start simple and will sway with the needs and requirements of our membership and community. We are always open to expanding our courses, so long as the opportunity and interest in our programs are in demand for them. Please consider providing your input and thoughts into the areas you would like to see courses at TechX. We appreciate your partners and take them very seriously, so if there are companies that could make good partners for us, please let us know.