TechX Innovation Sciences

When you don’t have the capabilities, experience, or desire to make things yourself, our team is here for you.

Our experienced Makers complement your team, assisting you in validating your business, market, financials, technology and other needed assumptions for your efforts. We want to do everything we can to see to your needs. If we can’t do it, we will be sure to help find someone or a firm that can meets your standards of quality, scope, and budget.

Our focus is on getting you from “Concept to Market” with the following services:

  • Market, Business and Economic Model Validation and Critique
  • Assessing the Doability or Manufacturability of your products plans… not just on the physical feasibility of your product, but helping to establish your volume levels you expect to sell your product and pricing to grow a viable venture
  • Readiness Assessment – For companies and startups going to market. An understanding of the requirements of a leader and/or player in the market you wish to serve, along with an understanding of where you stand against those requirements. Where you have a remedial position, we can help you to shore up those weaknesses. Where you have strengths that are relevant, we can help you develop competitive differentiation based on those competencies.
  • Production Option Assessments – So when you have committed to production volumes or getting ready to quote prospects and customers on the prices, timing and services to deliver, we will help you look at your options. These could include a combination of on-shore and off-shore options or some mix thereof.
  • Complete Fabrication: Send us your CAD/CAM files and we will responsively return our turnkey quote to enhance your designs for manufacturability, develop a draft copy or prototype, produce the working units, and fulfill them to your customers.

All of our Contract Services will be custom to your projects and needs and will be scoped and verified through our Maker Consultant teams. Please contact us for your production needs